Colloidal silver

TRUE Colloidal silver


“Colloidal” is many times a very misrepresented title used in the marketplace as it has been used to encompass multiple types of distinctively different silver solutions. Raw Energy chooses to term these various solutions specifically on what type of silver solution is being referenced rather than using the term generically as most of the industry has chosen to do. We could choose to term all silver solutions as “colloidal” and conform to the loose language used so commonly in the marketplace, yet we have chosen to term the type of silver specifically to better educate the consumer so they can look closer at their distinct differences. Although there are many other laboratory silver types made for specific industrial reasons (not mentioned below), there are essentially four main types of silver solutions sold most commonly for the “dietary supplement” market.
The RawEnergy (pH) colloidal silver generator produces an average particle size of 8.4 nanometers

Frequently Asked Questions

Which form is better? Ionic silver or colloidal silver?

Raw Energy silver Solutions

IONIC highest quality ionic silver

  • 100% ionic
  • Clear /light yellow liquid
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blended Most Popular!

500ml bottle
  • 50% /50% ionic/colloidal blend
  • Clear /light amber liquid
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Colloidal True Colloidal Silver

500ml bottle
  • 100% Colloidal
  • Clear /dark amber liquid
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