Structure of Water

Water Makes The World Go Round

Water is the most crucial element to you and all life on Earth. Water is the life-blood of our planet, the life-giving fluid in all organisms, plants, animals and human beings alike, flowing as sap, lymph or blood. Our very existence and the food we eat is therefore intimately connected with the quality of water available to us. It is vital for our own lives and those of our children that the water we drink is alive and well. If not, then we are quite literally drinking water to our sickness and to our death.

Water Structure

The purity of water starts with a discussion of its structure.  Why is the structure of water so important? How could the structure of water somehow be MORE important than the chemistry of clean filtered water? The answer is more vital to your health than the air you breathe!

Let’s begin with an explanation that everyone is familiar with… Carbon. What’s the difference between the carbon we burn and the carbon in diamonds? Only one thing – the structure of the molecules!

Organized one way and you get diamonds – the hardest and most valuable mineral on earth. Organized another way and you get something soft and pliable that can be used in graphite pencils or coal burned as fuel. It’s NOT the chemistry that’s responsible for these differences. They are chemically identical. It’s the structure of their molecules that is solely responsible for the differences in their physical and intrinsic properties. No amount of chemical filtering will convert coal into diamonds.

One pile of carbon: Diamonds

Useful in creating the hardest and most valuable minerals on earth to create diamond rings and proposing everlasting love.


Another pile of carbon: Graphite or Coal

Useful in creating graphite pencils or burning coal as fuel to create energy while polluting the environment.


The chemistry in the carbon burning in power plants is the same as the carbon glittering on a lover’s diamond ring, yet no amount of filtering coal will ever produce diamonds. We’re dealing with solids and alchemists have unsuccessfully tried for millennium to convert the structure of ordinary carbon graphite into diamond structures. While this may be an impossible feat for many solids, this can be done with liquids ? and in particular with water.  We don’t normally think of structure when it comes to liquids because they don’t seem “structured” when they are in liquid form.  Water has a unique molecular structure ? a repeating hexagonal pattern resembling the molecular patter of a quartz crystal that is more accentuated when structured through The Water Vortex or natural rivers and waterfalls.   You may not be able to see the structure by simply looking at water with the human naked eye, but your pets know what’s good for them without a microscope.

Home Experiment

Put a bowl of filtered tap water or bottled spring water on the floor next to a bowl of vortex water and your pet cat or dog will instantly know which one is better for it and will ONLY drink the vortex water. What’s more is they will drink more of it because they feel the healthful benefits. You too can see and feel the differences scientifically and physiologically by measuring the results and experiencing the significant health benefits of vortex water that are vital to your life and well-being. What many don’t realize is that clean filtered water can actually make you sick if the water is lacking vitality or worse if its dead or unstructured. Don’t fall into a false sense of security in believing that bottled water is good for you. I hate to tell you this, but your bottled spring water is dead. Don’t believe me? Ask your cat.

Is Your Water Dead or Alive?

Do you even know? This is the the burning question. We’ll get to the chemistry of clean filtered water I promise, but first let me ask you is your water dead or alive? Water is either life-giving or life-draining. You can have dead water that’s been filtered of all harmful contaminants, but that hardly matters if the water is dead in the first place. The goal is clean healthy water that’s alive and well and life-sustaining. If the water is dead, then no amount of filtering will make it beneficial to you, just less harmful. You can’t make diamonds out of graphite no matter how many carbon filters you use.

The first and most important aspect of water health is the degree to which it is alive. The second order of importance is water’s structure. The third order of importance is water’s energy ? this stems directly from its history of life experiences, such as where has it been and what has it been through? Obviously water coming up from a spring or flowing down a river is going to have very different energetic properties than water coming out of a water treatment center, flowing down an aqueduct or iron or PVC pipes underground. The forth order of importance is water’s chemical composition ? this is where the filtering comes in. Notice, we put chemical filtering last on the list. Not that we believe eliminating additional harmful elements that got passed your government sponsored water treatment plant isn’t important in this day and age, but rather because life-less, unstructured water is actually more detrimental to your health over the long term and is the silent killer that is making many people sick without their even knowing it.  When it comes to water here’s what matters and in this order of importance:

1. Life

2. Structure

3. Energy

4. Chemistry

1. Life of Water

2. Structure of Water

3. Energy of Water

4. Chemistry of Water

The Vortex Brings Water Back to Life


No moving parts and no filters to replace ~ The vortex in the water does all the work ~ the same way the river does it in nature.

The Vortex gives your cells fresh, clean, nourishing water.

The Vortex use geometry  to restructure the water molecules and restore water’s natural and life giving energy patterns. We have all seen these powerful vortices and spirals everywhere in Nature. Once the water flows through the vortex you will enjoy water that is better than filtered because Vortex Water not only achieves the same beneficial objectives of filtered water by filtering out what you don’t want, but actually brings in what you do want… more alkaline, more hydrating, and richer in bio-photons, oxygen and hydrogen.

Of greatest importance, the Vortex erases all distorted memory imprints that it picked up along its way to you. That means, the information from the chemical residue and life-destroying properties of water sanitation systems and the all the bacteria in the pipes on the way to your house will be eliminated by simply flowing through the life-restoring Vortex. Remember this most vital fact. Water receives, stores and transfers information to your cells. This includes where it’s been and what it’s been through on its journey to your body. You can’t control the past or what they put in your water during the sanitation process, but you can erase water’s distorted past, the affects of chlorine, and restore the life-giving properties for renewed life to your body.

We all need to drink water that carries life enhancing energy patterns. Many will overlook this most vital aspect of water but you won’t after learning how water actually works to keep you alive and well.