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High quality and High in THC this amazing honey oil is perfect for dabbing or infusing in other cannabis products like edibles or topicals. This medicinal honey oil is made using 99.99% pure isopropyl. Each batch has lab tests showing 70-86% THC and zero residual solvents.

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Honey cannabis oil, also known as Hash oil, has gone through the Winterization process. If you skip the winterization process you will end up with Cherry oil instead of Honey oilHoney Oil goes through winterization which helps to remove unwanted substances like plant waxes, fats and chlorophyll. The result is a much cleaner and clearer oil.


Really good raw marijuana that you smoke typically contains 20% THC. That’s plenty of THC to send you on a truly righteous journey. But take that same marijuana, run it through an extraction process, and the resultant concentrate (hash oil or honey oil) can have upwards of 80% THC content.


We extract from out potent strain – Super Lemon Haze. It has wonderful medical benefits.